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How to maintain the hydraulic oil filter element?

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Author : Boweyfilter
Update time : 2022-06-21 17:16:25
1. Drain the original hydraulic oil before replacing, check the oil return filter element, oil suction filter element and pilot filter element to see if there are iron filings, copper filings or other impurities. .
2. When changing hydraulic oil, all hydraulic oil filter elements (oil return filter element, oil suction filter element, pilot filter element) must be replaced at the same time, otherwise it is equivalent to not changing.
3. Identify the hydraulic oil label. Do not mix hydraulic oils with different labels and brands, which may react and deteriorate to produce floccules. It is recommended to use the oil specified for this excavator.
4. The oil suction filter element must be installed before refueling. The nozzle covered by the oil suction filter element directly leads to the main pump. The entry of impurities will accelerate the wear of the main pump, and the pump will be beaten.
5. Refuel to the standard position, there is generally an oil level gauge on the hydraulic oil tank, see the level gauge. Pay attention to the parking method, generally all cylinders are fully retracted, that is, the forearm and bucket are fully extended and landed.
6. After refueling, pay attention to the main pump to exhaust air, otherwise the whole vehicle will not move temporarily, the main pump will make abnormal noise (air sonic boom), and the air pocket will damage the main pump. The air exhaust method is to directly loosen the pipe joint on the top of the main pump and fill it up directly.
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